Our work

At H4B Boston, our singular focus on rare disease has led us to principles that are often outside of those in traditional healthcare marketing.

Our guiding insight: There is no one ‘rare disease’ playbook. Each community has its own unique experience. Best practices that succeed in one area can have a very different impact in another.
You’re in good hands though, because our strategic advisory team brings incredible depth and breadth of experience navigating pivotal moments across a rare disease product or portfolio’s life cycle — from early commercial analysis and insight development, advocacy and community engagement strategy, scientific platform, and brand development through LOE. And, whether for disease state education or promotional advertising, our creative team transforms the complex science of rare diseases and life-changing therapies into powerful campaigns and brand experiences for HCPs, patients, and caregivers.

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Our clients

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Examples of our work

Accelerated launch of a novel oncology treatment

Multiple myeloma (MM)

Within a remarkably tight schedule, H4B Boston answered with focused collaboration with clients, drove co-creation at every level, dug deep for smart, strategic insights, and displayed the grit to face down every obstacle.

Driving awareness of an ultra-rare disease

Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP)

With only 900 global cases, FOP is one of the world’s rarest diseases. H4B Boston created the “GO FEET FIRST” multichannel awareness campaign to increase education and awareness of FOP with common signs and symptoms. Little feet can mean so much.

Improving outcomes with data-driven patient-centricity

Pompe disease 

When Pompe is misdiagnosed, as it often is, it leaves patients without the treatment they need. Through education, advocacy partnerships, and advanced analytics, H4B Boston continues to strive with our clients to increase the rate of diagnosis, grow new markets, and give patients more chances to live their lives to the fullest.

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